What are Your Goals?

I thought I’d post part of our group discussion today for those who didn’t receive the emails. It stemmed from author Lynn Viehl’s post about the reality of royalties. In the post, Lynn, a NYTimes Best Selling Author, publishes her royalties statement and points out that the book business is not as lucrative as one might think. A discussion regarding traditional publishing versus self-publishing ensued.

Writing a book and getting it published are both difficult and rewarding. I advise editing clients to assess their goals and research options. I am aware of a few self-publishers I strongly advise against, and I am aware of a few I highly recommend. The same can be said of traditional publishers. Whether an author chooses traditional or self-publishing, the goal is to communicate a message to as many as will receive it. Lewis pointed out that the route we choose is based on our goal priorities: 1) to just get published, 2) to make money, or 3) to influence people (as an avenue to pursue God’s calling).

For great insider advice on self-publishing, please go to Thomas Nelson President Michael Hyatt’s blog, literary agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog, and literary agent Chip MacGregor’s blog. All three have recently discussed self-publishing pros and cons. Thomas Nelson recently launched a self-publishing branch of their company under the Westbow Press name.

Let’s remember that writing a book is not the only way to communicate your message! Major magazines have readerships of several hundred thousand. Niche markets have readerships in the thousands. Blogs, depending on your marketing of them, can also reach thousands of readers. Newspapers, newsletters, letters-to-the-editor, even personal letters to friends who need encouragement are all very effective ways to reach people. And, if you do intend to write a book at some point, publishing in the smaller venues builds your author platform and establishes “fans” of your work, people who will be interested in that book when it does come out.

Keep writing! Research, query, learn your craft. We welcome your input here. Just leave us a comment!

Thanks & may God bless your writing endeavors!