Mary DeMuth’s A Slow Burn

a slow burnOctober 1st is launch day for author Mary DeMuth’s A Slow Burn (Zondervan, 2009). I was privileged to read and review this second installment of the Defiance Texas Trilogy. It truly is quality literature that appeals to the masses.

In A Slow Burn, the reader assumes Emory Chance’s burdens and becomes the mother of a murdered child, a mother consumed by the guilt of love ungiven, of hope neglected, of shame unyielding. When Emory was a child, her mama warned her the crossed lifelines on her palms destined her to heartache and misfortune. Drug abuse, adultery, and neglect of her daughter, Daisy, brought that prediction to fruition, engulfing Emory in pain and suffering. Believing God created her to fail, Emory tells Ousie Pepper, “I’m really only good at messing things up.”

With Daisy’s killer stalking Emory, lurking in the shadows, she trusts no one, especially not God. In Emory’s opinion, God is weak. He couldn’t protect her little girl from evil. Why expect Him to deliver her? One man, Hixon Jones, a man “more like Jesus than anyone,” accepted God’s charge to protect Emory. Having wrestled with life’s afflictions, Hixon knows firsthand her need for redemption and persistently reaches out to Emory, despite her resistance.

The reader transforms along with Emory Chance and emerges a bit charred but renewed, together receiving a final prayer, “Dear, dear Jesus, Author of everything beautiful, Thank you for changing her, for making her a woman who loves you again…Oh, how I pray that every single day, Emory would know she’s treasured.” As Emory considers the message, she knows she’ll “spend her life living up to outrageous love like that.”

Mary_DemuthMary DeMuth is a master at her craft, and A Slow Burn is a must read! While this book stands alone, I do recommend reading Daisy Chain, the first book in the series, to fully appreciate the whole story. Book three is expected to release in early 2010. Purchase Mary’s works at her website or at most booksellers.


New John Maxwell Book Opportunity

John Maxwell’s new book is interactive. That means YOU can be included in the finished product! Read and comment on one chapter at a time and get details here.

Query Letters

Join us next Wednesday as we kick off the fall season with a query letter session. We’ll begin at 6:30 p.m. and end around 8:30 p.m. We’re back on campus now, in FSC Room 3115. That’s down the hall by the gym. Hope to see you there!

Homemakers and CEOs Writing Opportunity

Hey, writers!
Our very own Teresa Lusk has started a monthly newsletter for her organization, Homemakers and CEOs. Teresa invites you, members of The Christian Writers’ Group, to submit articles of 350 words or less for inclusion in future issues. See below for a list of topics.
good enough cover
She is also running a “Name the Newsletter” contest. Check out her website to get a feel for the organization. Winner receives a FREE autographed copy of Teresa’ book, Good Enough to be a Homemaker and CEO.
Send article and contest submissions to
Target audience: Working mothers ages 25-45, most with at least a high school education up to upper level college, in median income range.
Spiritual Encouragement- NOT A BIBLE STUDY
Running a Business

Kathi Macias Virtual Book Tour & Blogtalkradio

Award-winning Christian author, Kathi Macias, is starting a virtual book tour next month. Click here for details.
She’s also beginning a blogtalkradio program on October 1st, “Write the Vision,” via The International Christian Network each Thursday from 6-7 p.m. Pacific time.