Seminar BIG Success!

Dana, Joann, Jan, Jodi

Dana, Joann, Jan, Jodi


Many thanks to all who attended the seminar on Sunday and to all who helped make it such a big success!  I met many new friends and look forward to getting to know each of you better when we come together for group meetings.  As we work on our various writing projects this week, let’s be sure to keep in mind lessons learned Sunday. 

As Dana advised, it makes no difference if we have 24 or 42 hours in a day when we “place the cart before the horse”.  If we try by our own efforts to make the clock tick according to our plans, we will end up frustrated and worn.  But, if we keep the Lord first and foremost in every aspect of our lives, and He will make sure every minute of each day counts.

We should all keep Joann’s handouts nearby for quick referrals to common grammar issues.  Some of those little rules can trip writers up, but we’ll be better prepared now to edit our own work as we write.

I hope I provided some insight on the publishing process.  I covered a lot of material in a short amount of time.  Feel free to email me if you have questions, and we’ll try to cover some topics more in depth at future meetings.

And, Jan, thank you for reminding us that although we may feel led by the Lord to do His work in this method, it’s not about us.  Ultimately, we are called to be transformed to His likeness and to love as He loves us.  May we honor the Lord in our writing and in every area of our lives.

Have a blessed week and keep writing for Him!



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