Merry Christmas!



Free Online Writing Courses

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I Am Second

You need to go to and check it out.  This is an amazing website.  You can watch all types of people talk about how they are second, and how it is such an honor to be second when Jesus is first.  A few of the people who share their testimonies are Stephen Baldwin, Darryl Waltrip, Joe Gibbs, Josh Hamilton, Pete Brisco, and (I forgot his name) that guy from Korn who became a Christian.  You really need to watch his video – AMAZING!

Gifts, by Jodi Whisenhunt

Somewhere around October, my kids start asking if it will snow.  Now, we live in Texas, so we don’t get a lot of snow to begin with, and definitely not in October.  But, they look forward to it nonetheless.  For them, it’s a sign of the season and a reminder that Christmas will be here soon.

Texas weather is always interesting.  Yesterday, it was about 70 degrees with storms and tornado warnings overnight.    Right now, it’s sleeting!  My kids are especially hopeful tonight.  My daughter seems to think that the moment it snows, it will be Christmas Day (she’s 5).  And, if you know me very well, you probably know that we may just agree with her and go ahead and open gifts as the first snowflake falls.  Why not?  No one knows the exact date of Jesus’ birth, so why not celebrate throughout the month?

Of course, the greatest gift of all was the one God sent us:  His Son Jesus Christ.  It is He whom we celebrate at this time of year.  It is He whom we thank for the gift of salvation, the blessing of grace, the treasure of mercy, and the honor of forgiveness.  And, it is He whom we thank for the various gifts and talents He has bestowed upon us, such as the gift of writing. 

Writing is a very special calling.  It’s not a ministry that can grow just by signing people up.  It’s something people feel led to do and then commit to do.   Just as we might give a gift of tools to a handy husband or father, the Lord has given each of us tools.  His gift requires the recipient to work steadily with those tools to follow up on his or her commitment, just as that handy husband would commit to work with his new table saw in order to build something beautiful.

Don’t let your tools get rusty.  Go ahead, build something beautiful!