October Meeting

The Christian Writers’ Group had a fruitful October meeting.  Eight members attended. It was great to see you!  Mark November 19th on your calendar, as it will be the final 2008 gathering.  We will NOT meet in December, but be sure you keep writing. 

We played a little writing game Wednesday.  We were given a topic and 3 minutes to write.  When time expired, we passed our papers to the person next to us and repeated the process two more times.  Then we read our “stories”.  Some ended up quite interesting!  The one I finished was quick to get off the given topic, but made a funny story.  It’s a good way to get those creative wheels in your mind cranking.  If you’re alone and have no one to pass your paper to, check out www.writersdigest.com’s writing prompts and get your fingers moving across that keyboard.


Special thanks to Brenna Stull for a very thorough presentation on book proposals!  Here’s a summary of what to include in your packet:

ØA cover or query letter – a 1 page introduction & description of your subject.

ØA proposal overview – an outline of your content, marketing potential (including competition), and personal background (what qualifies you to write on this subject?).

ØA detailed summary – a traditional, paragraph-style, or bullet-point outline.

ØAn intro and 2 sample chapters.

You can find more information about book proposals in the 2008 Writer’s Market, published by Writers Digest Books, and How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen (also by Writers Digest Books).

Brenna does recommend acquiring an agent.  Publishers receive so much material; they may more readily peruse your proposal if they know someone else has already read it through once & believes it to be a worthwhile venture.

Let’s remember to lift each other up in prayer as we pursue God’s calling.  Several group members and/or their loved ones are experiencing health issues right now.  Please pray for healing and comfort. 

Writing for Him,

Jodi Whisenhunt