Coming October 22-26, 2008 – The Glorieta Christian Writers Conference (near Sante Fe, NM)!  Our very own Brenna Stull will be teaching a session titled “Let’s Play Hide and Seek” on October 23rd.  I have heard wonderful things about this annual event and hope to attend myself someday.

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Upcoming Conference

Hey, Writers!  Great news!

September 12-13, the North Texas Christian Writers group will be hosting its 5th annual conference.  Check out their website and see details below:

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Welcome To North Texas Christian Writers
Growth has its stages, but something needs to happen every day or the next stage will never be reached. Just as a butterfly has its beginning as a larva, writers have a starting point that in no way resembles the ability to fly. Allow yourself no boundaries, no constraint to believing you can write as freely and beautifully as a butterfly can fly.Let your dreams soar above the comments of people who question your ability. Rise above the thoughts that say, “I can’t,” and enter the reality that God makes all things possible.


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Wednesday’s Meeting

Our final meeting of the summer went very well!  It was so good to have Joann join us.  She shared a new piece she’s working on.  Seth, Nina, Theresa, and Bill also contributed.  The peer critiques were really beneficial.  I want to thank each of you for your help cutting my article down to 600 words.  My final word count was 592 – sent it in today!

As we begin a new semester, I want to encourage each of you to take some time alone with the Lord and earnestly pray about this gift He has given you to write.  Pray that He will provide you time to write for Him, so you can be devoted to His calling.  Also pray that He will clear your schedule the 3rd Wednesday of each month so you can meet with fellow writers to develop your skill and share your unique insight.

Let’s also be sure to pray for each other.  Many are hurting, physically and perhaps spiritually.  Some are travelling, others are returning to school or work.  Let’s pray for each writer’s commitment to pursue God’s calling, and that our Heavenly Father will be glorified with each article, each book, each poem that is produced.

I look forward to seeing everyone September 17th, back at the church in FSC Room 3115 at 6:30 p.m.

Keep writing!


Read to Write, by Jodi Whisenhunt

Recently, Joann sent out an email quoting Ralph Peters, a Christian journalist who writes for the New York Post, after he appeared on CSPAN2.  Ralph said, “If you are not a good reader, you’ll never be a good writer.”

That is such a true statement!  But, who has time to read, right?  Well, make time.  Read while you walk on the treadmill.  (That’s what I do.)  Buy a little book stand for recipe books and read while you cook dinner.  Enjoy a good read while you soak in the jacuzzi.  Or sneak away to Starbucks, indulge in a grande latte (decaf of course!), and curl up in a corner chair for 30 minutes.  Men, stash a good book in the garage and read while you’re out there “working” (yeah, we’re onto your little secret!).


As Mr. Peters explains, we are to read other writers “for food so that we can write in our own language”.  He suggests, “To be infused with the sense of rhythm, syntax and flow, read Shakespeare, the King James Bible, Emily Dickinson, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Milton, Faust, Mark Twain, and other writers who have proven themselves.”  (Quote paraphrased.)  “EATHEN, an old book on travel in Europe, ON LIBERTY by Anthony Trollop, and THE AGE OF CONSTANTINE are three that will strengthen your sense of language,” he said.

To his list, I would add: to tell stories, study Stephen King; to make your reader think, emulate James Joyce; to entertain, listen to (yes, listen to the voice while you read) Bill Cosby; to teach, learn from Max Lucado.

So, go crack open a good book and digest some great brain food.

See you all Wednesday at Panera Bread (6:30PM) for our final summer meeting!