Last Night’s Meeting

Last night’s meeting was very productive with 9 people in attendance.  Maybe we should meet at Panera more often.  After some open discussion about various writing topics, we moved on to peer editing.  A few people had material ready to share.  Normally, we partner off to peer edit, but this time we stayed together as a group. 

Bill volunteered one of his pieces, a strong defense of the Trinity.  Nice work, Bill!  I hope our suggestions were helpful.  

Betty shared a little about her World War II piece that’s slated for inclusion in a book.  Congratulations, Betty, that’s very exciting!  Betty also shared a word of advice that has helped her become a better writer: be a better listener.  She almost missed the opportunity to write that World War II story, because she kept tuning out her friend’s words.  

Brenna shared her book proposal and talked a little about that process.  Several group members are interested in writing a book, so any helpful tips are appreciated. 

Brenna and I both had to leave at that point, but the rest stayed awhile longer.  They discussed Heather’s devotional book idea and Amanda’s grief book.  I know I benefitted from everyone’s insight.  We all missed our great leader, though.  Joann, we’re all praying for you, Slater and your family.

Next month’s meeting will probably be back on the church campus in our regular room, 3115.  Hope to see all of you then!

Writing for Him, Jodi