Seasonal Writing Calendar

The June issue of The Writer Magazine contains a chart by Donna Bear titled “A Freelancer’s Seasonal Writing Calendar” (page 12).  Did you know that now is the time to submit Christmas themed articles?  For you sports fans, June is also the time to send in basketball material, and July Super Bowl stuff!  We really need to think ahead and follow writers’ guidelines for submissions.  Below is a summary of Donna’s tips:

  • June…Holiday decor & activities; basketball
  • July…New Year’s prep; winter activities; Super Bowl
  • August…Valentine’s Day
  • September…Gardening; spring break
  • October…Easter; tax prep
  • November…Mother’s Day; Memorial Day; planning for summer
  • December…Father’s Day; end of school
  • January…4th of July; summer vacation
  • February…Beginning of school; nutrition; technology
  • March…Fall decor, planting & fashions
  • April…The World Series; Halloween
  • May…Thanksgiving; Veterans Day; voting & politics

One Response

  1. This is terrific! Also, these are months when these topics should be ~submitted~, right? That means we should back out a month or two for writing on these topics.

    **Yes, these are months to submit pieces on these topics.**

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